Body Relief

People suffering from various body pains for ages, lack of exercises and unhealthy food habits drove us into the spin of pains.Ayurveda introduces best body pain relieving treatments which are most effective for centuries.

Body massages are the better and very common body pain relief treatment by Ayurveda, we have different type of body massages available.

Full body massage

Fullbody massage serves not only to relieve pain but especially as preventive medicine increasing circulation, stimulating and strengthening the lymphatic system, and opening the flow of life force in order to cleanse and revitalize the body.

Head & Face massage

As the head is the seat of many important marma points which control the flow of prana (vital energy) throughout the body, Ayurvedic head massage is a very effective therapeutic tool to induce healing and relaxation. It leading to release of nervous tension and relief from stress and tension headaches.

Foot massage

foot tension can lead to muscle strain and intensify fatigue and irritability. An Ayurvedic foot massage can some of the wonders to our body, includes Releasing stress, anxiety and depression,Soothes the nerves, revitalises the CNS and improves blood circulation and Reduces symptoms of Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS).

Spine & Neck

A spinal massage is recommended for neck pain, back pain, discomfort, heaviness and stiffness.A spinal massage is best given as part of an overall body or back massage.


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